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Glenmark Pharmaceuticals introduces 3-in-1 inhaler therapy for COPD in India

Glenmark Pharmaceuticals on Monday announced the launch of a Single Inhaler Triple Therapy AIRZ-FF – a combination of two bronchodilators, Glycopyrronium & Formoterol and the inhalation corticosteroid Fluticasone propionate, for Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) in India. 

This new  triple therapy innovation comes with multiple benefits: it offers significant bronchodilation (making breathing easier), reduces risk of severe attacks, and eliminates dependence on multiple inhalers. 

The reduction in risk of severe attacks decreases the requirement for hospitalization, a benefit of high significance in the current prevailing situation.

“India is currently home to more than 55.3 million people living with COPD of varying degrees of severity. The disease prevalence has grown significantly by 24% in the last decade alone,” Glenmark said in a press release adding, “Health experts attribute this rise to low levels of awareness and low rates of diagnosis of the disease.”

AIRZ-FF has been exclusively studied in the Indian population1 and introduced to address challenges faced by a significant portion of COPD patients in the country. COPD is a very common, serious and debilitating lung disease which like hypertension or diabetes, requires personalized treatment over the rest of the patient’s life.

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