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Swiggy co-founder Rahul Jaimini bids adieu to join Pesto Tech

Rahul Jaimini, the co-founder and CTO of on-demand food delivery platform, Swiggy has stepped down from his active role in the company to join edtech startup, Pesto Tech, as it’s co-founder. 

In 2014, Jaimini along with Sriharsha Majety and Nandan Reddy founded Swiggy, which went on to become one of India’s largest online food delivery platforms. As a CTO, Jaimini played a key role in building Swiggy’s technology backbone.

Recalling his association with Jaimini, Sriharsha in a blog post said that seven years ago, he and Reddy were frantically looking for a tech co-founder and were using contractors to keep the lights on at Bundl- a startup before Swiggy was founded.

Jaimini, who was working as a developer in a different startup, connected with Sriharsha through Facebook with the help of a mutual friend.

“I spent a good part of the next year pinging Rahul, seeking a call or a meeting. When he didn’t respond, I gave up completely on yet another unsuccessful expedition,” wrote Sriharsha, who later realized that his friend had connected him to another person with the same name.

Sriharsha further added that, “By then, we were already close to shutting down Bundl and were moving onto our new shiny idea around urban delivery. This time I got connected to the right Rahul Jaimini, and that changed things forever.”

“Here began the craziest journey the three of us could have ever imagined. The three of us hit it off like a house on fire,” he added.

As the company scaled from 100 orders to 15,000 orders per day in a span of 6 months, Jaimini and a small team of technologists built an entire suite of apps for the customers, delivery and restaurant partners. It became the first brand in India to offer the delight of live tracking in delivery services.

“This is not a goodbye, it’s more of a thank you,” Rahul Jaimini tweeted announcing his decision in the micro-blogging platform.

“After being close family for the past six years, it’s time for him to take up a new challenge,” he added.

In a series of tweets, Jaimini termed the journey nothing short of a privilege and thanked the co-founders for having trusted a stranger like him.

Jaimini’s new venture, Pesto Tech, founded by Ayush Jaiswal, is an homegrown startup which offers online training programmes for software engineers and helps them to connect with global technology companies. 

Last year, Jaimini invested in Pesto Tech as an angel investor, who was later joined by Sriharsha and Nandhan. Jaimini was deeply convinced that this was another area where he can have a huge impact by building something from scratch.

Later, Jaimini discussed the idea of working full-time with Pesto tech to the Swiggy co-founders.

Sriharsha wrote, “We could tell how excited Rahul was about this (joining Pesto Tech), and were fully supportive of his decision. So, while Rahul will no longer be involved in day-to-day responsibilities at Swiggy, he will continue to be a board member and a shareholder at the company.”

Dale Vaz, who is currently the head of engineering and data science at Swiggy, will now handle the functions such as platform engineering, analytics, IT and labs which was led by Jaimini.

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