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Time spent on Radio has increased 2.36 hours every day during the lockdown: Radio City

Pic Courtesy: Radio City Twitter

The nationwide lockdown may have come as bad news for many but it has also turned out to be music to the ears for a few.

Music Broadcast Limited (MBL) which operates Radio City FM today announced that average time spent on radio has increased by 23% to 2.36 hours everyday on account of lockdown constrained by Covid-19.

In an investor presentation MBL said, the lockdown has positively impacted the media consumption across media vehicles significantly on television and radio.

The presentation is based on research by AZ Research PPL with a sample size of 3,300 interviews across Delhi, Kolkata, Mumbai, Pune, Hyderabad and Bangalore during March 30 to April 4.

Source: Investor presentation by Music Broadcast Limited

The research also showed  while the average viewer spending time in television grew by 40 minutes to three and half hours per day, in case of radio the average listening time increased by 30 minutes to two and half hours per day.

However, the engagement of internet surfing, watching the content on the internet, social media was moderate but together accounted for a significant time, the research said.

Source: Investor presentation by Music Broadcast Limited

Television led the total man hours at 194 million, whereas Radio took the second spot with 132 million hours.

Social media consumption was high at 91 million hours followed by other online options like OTT and internet surfing.

Source: Investor presentation by Music Broadcast Limited

Urban India viewed content on OTT has spent 36 more minutes during lockdown, whereas newspaper readership has dropped but time spent amongst the reader has increased.

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