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Wipro launches ‘Digital Inspection Solution’ powered by IBM TRIRIGA

Global information technology company Wipro on Monday announced that it has launched a digital inspection solution to improve workplace safety and experience.

The solution is powered by IBM’s integrated workplace management system (IWMS) IBM TRIRIGA and complements  Wipro’s existing EngineeringNXT portfolio in the digital transformation of business operations. 

In a press release, Wipro said the solution’s robust functionality features a simple end-user application that can manage and complete any type of inspection across mobile phones and tablets with ease. It enables safety and compliance inspections for customers across a wide variety of industries such as retail, construction, hospitality, financial services, manufacturing, and supply chain management. 

The solution also helps in streamline the non-compliance issues in processes, operations and quality with an increased inspection efficiency, reduces risk, lowers costs and increases workplace safety.  

The environment, health, and safety (EHS) market can leverage this solution to inspect workplace infrastructure and protect the well-being of workers. 

Advantages of Digital Inspection Solution include:  

  • Integration with IBM TRIRIGA reduces total cost of ownership and streamlines the process from implementation to future upgrades. Leveraging the portfolio data set, the solution expands to fit business needs beyond what other add-on mobile apps can offer.  
  • Enables businesses reopen facilities post Covid-19 disruption, by evaluating readiness and supporting day-to-day operations through remote tracking of workplace inspections, quickly reporting non-compliances, thus ensuring employee health and safety. In addition, supports work from home safety, security, compliance inspections.  
  • Diminished reliance on local on the ground experts, reducing time and cost involved in traditional inspection methods.  
  • Easy configuration and deployment of general inspections, safety inspections, compliance, facility condition assessment, punch lists. 
  • Single pane view for all inspections at local / regional / global levels, integrated reporting and dashboards tailored for various stakeholders.  
  • Digital-first features such as inclusion of photographs, easy access to historical data from past inspections, and compatibility with any mobile device or tablet. Public  
  • Adaptable architecture that enables integration with the latest digital technologies such as augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR) and remote collaboration. 

“As workplace environments get increasingly complicated with the introduction of robotics, IoT sensors, mobile devices, and other technologies, traditional human processes need new digital tools to manage them effectively,” said Narayan Shenoy, General Manager, IBM Practice – Industrial and Engineering Services of Wipro Limited.

“We are confident that it will help our customers protect the well-being of their employees and building occupants, provide safer environments, and improve workplace experience,” he added.

Kendra DeKeyrel, Director of Offering management of IBM TRIRIGA said, “Digital Inspection Solution by Wipro, integrated with IBM TRIRIGA , will offer valuable benefits to businesses as they strive to achieve greater efficiency, reduce costs, and ensure occupant health and safety.” 

The Digital Inspection Solution is available in perpetual or subscription-based license with no additional cost for mobility.

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